I've been mastering records as early as 2006. Things have ramped up significantly in the few years, and I'm happy to provide top-quality mastering at a reasonable rate. I strive for warmth, clarity, fullness and cohesion between songs. 

Contact me to get started, and use this wetransfer.com link to send mixes. I look forward to hearing and working on your music!

Quote estimate formula - ( # of songs x $50 ) + ( # of ALT versions - [instrumental or TV versions for example] of same songs x $10 ) + $25 flat fee per project for track sequencing and DDP file creation. 

Masters are delivered in DDP format ( unless individual WAVs only are requested ) in the form of a DDP player ( to audition your master ), wav exporter and CD burning application for Mac OSX or Windows. Exporting wavs from this application are perfectly suitable for uploading to your online aggregator ( like Tunecore.com for example )

below is a sample of songs mastered by Kevin
( note: On some devices, the player below may not appear. Use this spotify URL )